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The Association promotes the development of the transport industry in Russia and CIS, ensuring sustainable development and performance of transport systems on the basis of improving the quality of traffic planning, modeling and management of transport systems at various levels, improving the interaction between customers and executors of similar projects, protecting the interests of the Association members.


To solve these tasks, the Association produces training and methodological manuals, analyzes traffic planning tools, independently audits and examines projects, including mathematical traffic models, organizes conferences and seminars, and proposes initiatives to improve the regulatory framework for traffic planning.



The Association of Traffic Engineers unites not only people using the principles of planning and modeling traffic flows for the development of transport systems, but also accumulates all available information on tools, technologies and achievements in this field.​ 

The Association seeks to ensure that this unique knowledge is available to the widest possible circle of experts, and it is the reason it organizes webinars, for which the Association invites key persons and authoritative specialists of the industry as speakers. 




One of the first successes of the Association of Traffic Engineers was the publication of books on the principles and methods of traffic modeling combined under the same "Library of the traffic engineer" series. On the part of readers and professional audience, we received a great response and the demand for such publications, which served as the development of both the series itself and the forms of publications.

All publications are distributed free of charge during the seminars, conferences, exhibitions, in which representatives of the Association of Traffic Engineers participate.

Priority in obtaining new books is provided to the Association members and authors. The remaining copies are distributed at events in which representatives of the Association participate, as well as sent by mail to the professional and target audience. 




The initiator and organizer of the event is the Association of Traffic Engineers (ATE). The main goal of the conference is to familiarize the broad scientific community and experts of the specialized business with scientific developments and best practices in the field of traffic planning and modeling, improve the management of transport systems, as well as promote the exchange of scientific views, ideas and opinions within the professional community, the integration of science, production and education. As a result of the event, a collection of papers is published (Russian Science Citation Index). 


Association of traffic engineers

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