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Association of experts in the field of development of transport systems and assurance of their effective performance

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All persons who are interested in their professional development and personal growth in traffic planning in the Russian Federation can join the Association. The ATE membership assumes the following advantages:


  • Access to the knowledge base on sustainable development and operation of transport systems and on planning, modeling and management of transport systems

  • Access to a professional platform for exchange of views on sustainable development and the performance of transport systems with a wide range of Russian and foreign experts

  • The expertise performance of the quality of the traffic planning and modeling projects and acquisition of the opinion of the Association’s expert council.

  • Participation in the Association’s training and projects:

– training courses on traffic modeling

– annual international Conference

– seminars, round tables and webinars.

  • Participation in research and joining the work groups in the planning, modeling and management of traffic flows to develop:

– regulatory documents

– methodological recommendations

– study guides

– scientific works

– books.

  • In addition, each representative of the Association will receive:

– access to books and specialized materials

– periodical profile news of the field

– assistance in the selection of professional staff.


Charter of the Association

Regulations on enlistment


Information on the continuation of activities


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Association of traffic engineers

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